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I'm Director and conceptual image maker, working/residing outside New York City. With formal training in photography at the Queensland Collage of Art and a career spanning over 2 decades in film making, my work spans multiple mediums and styles yet overall straddles conceptual storytelling melded with the abstract visual. With a number of group and solo exhibitions, multiple short films, including the multi award winning ‘Death in Bloom’, and a beloved children’s book, ‘The Adventures of Cloud Girl’ created with Steve Beck. My passion is in constantly creating and challenging myself with different ideas and the multitude of ways to communicate.

While I have an extensive film and commercial film portfolio, this site is an attempt to showcase my personal image making which explores a range of different subjects from  the intersection of the industrial objects that shape our environment, visualizing memories and the subconscious.  Our relationship with the past through objects. And general absurdity of the world we all share.  Having kept most of this work in the dark for 2 decades, this place represents confronting he deepest fears of any artist, showing the work.

For any inquires including commissions and prints please get in touch.

If you are interested in seeing my commercial work visit:

For my animation work, including the children's book 'The Adventures of Cloud Girl' visit:


+1 310 614-0693


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